Australian Army – Regional Patrol Craft

Birdon was selected by the Australian Defence Force to design and construct a fleet of Regional Patrol Craft.  The vessels are integral to the Regional Force Surveillance Unit (RFSU) and Border Protection Force operations and provide Army with the capability to operate in blue, brown, riverine, and brackish waters supporting smaller watercraft up to 12 nautical miles offshore and to insert, extract and support foot patrols deployed to the area.

A total of eleven vessels and trailers have been constructed to Lloyds Register classification at Birdon’s Lloyds accredited, all weather, aluminium fabrication facility at Port Macquarie.

The vessels are 8.2m in length, with a beam of 2.8m and can carry a full patrol plus crew. They are powered by a 355 hp Cummins engine, driving a Hamilton Water Jet, propelling a fully laden RPC to speeds in excess of 25 kts.