Department of Defence – Garden Island Dredging


Garden Island, located in Sydney Harbour to the east of the Harbour Bridge has been associated with the defence of Sydney and Australia, since the First Fleet arrived in 1788.
Garden Island got it’s name from the First Fleeters who grew vegetables on the island to feed the crew of ships and the people of the first settlements in the area.

The sea bed at Garden Island NSW, is owned by the NSW Government and leased by the Department of Defence.  Remediation Dredging at Fleet Base East, Garden Island comprised maintenance dredging of Fleet Base and Garden Island wharves to maintain functionality for Naval requirements, including preparation for the arrival of Australia’s biggest warships HMA Ships Canberra and Adelaide.

The works required mechanical dredging plant, including a barge-mounted bucket excavator and three to four barges, which were located predominantly at wharves along the western side of Garden Island.
The dredging plant excavated sediment from the sea bed for loading into awaiting barges and disposal. Waste was disposed of as certified land fill and a smaller amount disposed of at sea.