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dredging-pageBirdon’s dredging division has undertaken many marine construction works throughout Australia in areas such as channel maintenance, reclamation, land and canal development, submerged pipeline construction works for the mineral extraction industry, and marine plant hire.

We operate a modern fleet of cutter suction dredges with pumping capacities ranging from 60 to 400m3 per hour. We also have pipelines and associated booster pumping equipment to enable material transportation in excess of 4km.

All dredges can be dismantled for road transportation. Our fleet of dredges are supported by a full complement of land and water-based equipment including work-boats, barges, all-terrain vehicles, excavators and swamp dozers.

Birdon’s primary dredging services include:

  • Land reclamation
  • Port, wharf and canal estate development
  • Maintenance of shipping berths and channels
  • Rehabilitation of contaminated sites
  • Consultancy to the dredging industry.


Committed to working sustainably

Birdon’s expertise in contaminated material handling, bulk material handling and complicated project logistics have been successfully applied to environmental remediation in marine environments.
Birdon offers the following services:

  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Tailings dam remediation
  • Industry by-product remediation
  • Specialised waste to energy remediation
  • General mine remediation
  • Groundwater treatment

Birdon is committed to working in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner, which is reflected in our Environmental Policy.

Environmental Policy

Birdon Pty Ltd operates in close proximity to sensitive environments, including freshwater ecosystems, estuarine areas and marine systems and we recognise that we hold a significant environmental responsibility. Birdon is committed to protecting these systems and the broader environment from pollution and to minimising the environmental buy imitrex nasal spray online impact of our operations. This commitment applies to all of Birdon’s operations, including:

  • the facility at Port Macquarie;
  • marine vessel construction;
  • marine vessel repair and maintenance;
  • the safe dismantling of vessels, machinery and equipment;
  • dredging and associated sediment and similar materials handling; and
  • remediation of soils and sediments.

To sustain this commitment, Birdon will take the following actions:

  • Systematically manage the environmental aspects of our operations through the implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001:2004.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into project planning and decision making.
  • Comply with legislation, regulations, standards, guidelines, codes of practice and other requirements that apply to the environmental aspects of our operations.
  • Establish a set environmental objectives and targets and commit resources to achieving them, to prevent pollution and to minimise our environmental impact.
  • Monitor and review operations regularly to achieve a cycle of continual improvement in our environmental performance.
  • Promote a culture of environmental responsibility.

All Birdon employees and contractors accepting work with Birdon are committing to operate in accordance with this Environmental Policy.

Accreditation and Licence

Birdon is accredited under AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004. For a copy of our current Environment Protection Licence, please click here.

Pollution Monitoring Data

Birdon monitors discharge of cleaned water to the Hastings River under the terms of Environment Protection Licence 10891. Details of Birdon’s Notification Protocol (as outlined in our Pollution Incident Response Plan) can also be downloaded click here.